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Use requirement for adhesive and the note

Zhengzhou Shine Abrasives CO.,LTD  Time:2017-5-18
1,There are several aspects to the performance requirement of the abrasive tool.
(1) stick relay wheel at work is high speed rotating, if enough, stick relay likely to fly when I was in high speed rotating drop pills.
(2) High temperature resistant: page wheel grinding easy to produce a high temperature, so that the cloth and base material with glue parts in high temperature condition for a long time, such as resistance to high temperature, glue is prone to fly the phenomenon of drop pills.
(3) Permeability: this requirement is for flying wing round, because of the flying wing round main material is the microfiber cloth and wood, glue to can seep into these two kinds of material at the same time, in order to make the product of adhesive and firm, but at the same time not too much, permeability of too much will lead to parts of wool and wood glue residual is too little, the influence of adhesive effect.
(4) Environmental protection: it is to point to the smell of the adhesive and degree of allergic to employees, because the page wheel manufacturer field work environment more bad, difficult to recruit employees, so this kind of enterprises will be more concerned about employees feel.
2 Glue use caution:
(1) mix A gelatin before using the product that adds the filling
(2) the mix must be accurate and stir well
(3) to control the amount of disposable gel, the larger the match, the shorter the operation time
(4) seasons had a great influence on product performance, climate change is bigger, to remind customers of glue performance change, generally recommend the customer type in the summer and winter two model products.
3, The easy problem:
(1) curing or not having enough hardness
It is the phenomenon of the partial liquid or hardness of the part of the mixture.
There are two main reasons for this: 1. The mixing of the glue is not exactly 2.
Solution: strictly control the ratio and stir well.
(2) B rubber damp
It means that when the weather is wet, a white object appears on the surface of the gel.
The reason: B glue has a lot of additives in it, it is easy to absorb water, cause B glue is easy to absorb tide, especially when wet air is relatively wet.
Solution: cover the cover in time after using the glue. If you already have a moisture, put it in the oven for 40 degrees -60 degrees for an hour or so.
(3) A gel precipitation
It is the phenomenon of precipitation stratification after the product has been added for a period of time.
Solution: mix A gelatin before using.
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