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Centerless Grinding Wheels

Centerless resin Diamond For Carbide Material

Zhengzhou Shine Abrasives CO.,LTD  Time:2022-1-20

Centerless Grinding Wheels 450mm For Carbide Metal Hard Alloy

Shine Abrasives Centerless Grinding Wheels 450mm

Resin bond centerless diamond  grinding wheels mainly used for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics, magnetic material,

Suitable for rough grinding, semi-precision grinding and polishing grinding.

Efficient batch external grinding

Main sizes form of Shine Abrasives Centerless Grinding Wheels 450mm For Carbide Metal Hard Alloy

Abrasive Material:Diamond Bond Type:Resin
Diamond Grit:D126 Wheel Diameter: 450
Wheel Bore:203mm Wheel Weight:20kgs/PC
Wheel Thickness:20mm Concentrate: 100%

Other standard sizes also are available as requested.


What's centerless grinding machinery.


Centerless grinding machine is a type of grinding machine that does not need to use the axis positioning of the workpiece for grinding.

It is mainly composed of three mechanisms: grinding wheel, adjustment wheel and workpiece support.

The grinding wheel actually performs the grinding work, and the adjustment wheel Control the rotation of the workpiece and control the feed speed of the workpiece. As for the workpiece holder, which supports the workpiece during grinding, there are several ways to cooperate bythese three parts.

Application picture for reference.


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