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Resin Bond Diamond Wheels

Shine Abrasives Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

Zhengzhou Shine Abrasives CO.,LTD  Time:2023/5/12

Shine Abrasives Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel for Carbide

Resin bond grinding wheels are the most commonly used super abrasive product currently. our resin diamond wheel is suitable for surface grinding, OD grinding, centerless grinding, tool grinding, fine grinding ,double disc grinding and slot grinding of most precision workpieces.

Applications of resin diamond grinding wheel

Resin bond diamond grinding wheel is mainly used for machining tungsten carbide cutting tools, ceramic ,magnetic materials, silicon ,glass ,quartz and thermal spraying alloy ,etc

Advantages of resin diamond grinding wheel

* High cutting efficiency, good self-sharpening, less blocking, reducing the grinding burn occurs when the phenomenon of work

* Good flexibility will help to improve the surface roughness, mainly used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, polishing and other processes

* Compared to conventional silicon carbide , resin diamond wheel has good material removal rates, longer wheel life and lower grinding costs

* Resin bond diamond wheels generally remove material up to 10 times faster than metal bond wheels

1A1R Diamond Cutting Disc for optical glass, quartz and sapphire, etc

1A1 Diamond Grinding Wheel, flat diamond wheel for carbide grinding

More SuperHard resin diamond wheels are widely used for grinding carbide HVOF coated. The diameter from 25mm (1") to 915mm (36")

3A1 diamond wheel for grinding micro drill, 14A1 diamond wheel for grinding carbide rod

Diamond wheels manufactured with natural or synthetic diamond particles in a resin bond matrix offer high cut rates in wet or dry grinding applications on materials such as carbides, ceramics and non-ferrous metals.

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