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Electroplated Diamond Tools

CBN grinding wheel for Woodturning Tools

Zhengzhou Shine Abrasives CO.,LTD  Time:2023/6/5
Shine Abralsives Electroplated diamond & CBN grinding wheel for Woodturning Tools

Applications of CBN Ginding Wheels Woodturning

CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels are used for sharpening woodturning tools (high speed steel HSS).The cbn grinding wheels are installed on bench grinder

Advantages of CBN Grinding Wheel for Woodturning

* Compare with traditional grinding wheels, CBN wheels have the cutting fast and will not cause rough surface and burn problems

* Fast and cool cutting action without coolant

* Side surface for flat grinds on skews, scraper cutters and tool bits

* No need dressing or turning

* Wheel stays flat, never changes shape.The thermal conductivity of CBN can reach 10 to 100 times that of corundum grinding wheel, so the grinding heat can be quickly exported and reduce the workpiece deformed.

The specifications of woodturner CBN grinding wheel

* Other sizes can be made according to customers’ requirement. 

Three type body of CBN wheel bench grinder

Aluminum Body

* The weigh lighter than steel body

* Aluminum has a low melting point, so need to be grinding with water

* Aluminum suitable for polishing

Steel Body

* Steel body has the best rigidity

* Steel has a higher melting point than aluminum and is used for dry grinding

* The weight is the heaviest of the three

Plastic Body

* The weight is the lightest of the three. And the freight is relatively low

* The rotational speed should be faster than the steel body when use

* Plastic body has the advantages of light weight and low price

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