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Electroplated Diamond Wheels

Gemstone Electroplated diamond grinding wheel

Zhengzhou Shine Abrasives CO.,LTD  Time:2023/7/25

Gemstone tools Electroplated diamond grinding wheels turning tools grinding

Electroplated Diamond Profile Wheel Groove Grinding Wheel for Granite Stone

Electroplated Diamond Groove Grinding Wheel is made of Steel / Aluminum and CBN Brasives. We use advanced electroplating process to coat cbn abasives on Steel or Aluminum hubs. Selected cbn abrasives and Solid steel rods and aluminum rods are applied in our products. It makes our products performing well on the quality and appearance.


About the wheel

This product is a diamond is sintered tool, which is a new generation of diamond tools. It selects 60# diamond as raw material and processes it under conditions of high temperature and vacuum.There are common metal core and silent core types of diamond grinding milling wheel. Can be used with bridge saws or milling machines.It has aggressive segments for milling, grinding and calibrating the surface or slab thickness quickly.There are different sizes, customized can be accepted.Contact us to learn more.

Name Sintered Diamond Grinding Wheel / Shaped grinding wheel
Applications sed for trimming and grinding of marble, artificial stone and other stones, and is especially suitable for edge processing of various worktop slate. It is commonly used in large slate bridge saws.
Size Standard,customized
Customization acceptable: OEM, ODM

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